A box full of mysterious entertainment – Sandook

Sandook, director Atul Kale takes his audience on a historical roller coaster ride of entertainment. The film produced by Vishwajit Gaikwad and Mandar Keni under the banner of Orangen Entertainment, stars debutant Sumit Raghavan in the lead along with Bhargavi Chirmule accompanied  by Sharad Ponkshe, Arun Nalawade, Rahul Mehendale, Ramesh Vani, Mangesh Satpute, Rahul Gore, J. Brandon Hill, Shantanu Gangane, Siddhesh Prabhakar, Divesh Medge, Nandkumar Patil, Ajit Parab, Firdaus Mewawala.

Sandook is a story based during the pre – independence era in Sambhalgad, Maharashtra. Wamanrao Ashtaputre (Sumeet Raghavan) works in the Post Office and lives with his wife (Bhargavi Chirmule) and son. Wamanrao is a simple honest man, patriotic by nature and his dream is to get rid of the British rule from his village and from the entire country.  He is proud of his ancestors, but Wamanrao lacks courage to face any challenge. Wamanrao is a day dreamer and has plenty of stories to tell. But like any other common man he is scared of the authority. Sambhalgad is ruled by a British officer Samson, who is eventually killed by a group of revolutionaries of the Jai Hind Sanghatana. His death leads to the replacement of another British officer named Scott, who takes over the village.

Jai hind Sanghatana, headed by Madhavrao, who nobody has ever seen is now planning to kill the new British officer Scott. However, that’s not the core of the film. The actual story of the film revolves around the mystery behind the ‘SANDOOK’ and Wamanrao ( Sumeet Raghavan), whose desire to join the Jai Hind Sanghatana lands him into the trouble when he is asked to guard the Sandook.

Sandook is a complete family entertainer filled with hilarious moments and great comic timing. Sumeet Raghavan has done a great job and has given complete justice to his role as Wamanrao. His comic timings and humourous dialogues are a treat to watch. The film is visually pleasing. The beautiful locations of the village and the simplicity during the pre – independence era are captured brilliantly by the cinematographer, Ajit Reddy.  Actors Sharad Ponkshe, Rahul Gore has also managed to play their part pretty well as Madhavrao and Rana.

However, the film lacks the attraction of the audience due to the story being too long and revealing the secret behind the name of the film Sandook means at the very end, generates boredom in the minds of the audience. 


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