A fun – filled laughter riot ‘Dhurandhar Bhatawdekar’

Dhurandhar Bhatawdekar is a one delightful comedy with a different set of characters. This story of elderly people comes out as a flow of fresh air and is a much-needed break from the comedy films that are mostly centred on young couples, families and regular social drama.

The film successfully convinces the audience of its characters authenticity from the start, filling in unfulfilled relationships for each of its characters. Pushpa Damle (Kishori Shahane) a widower with a 23-year old daughter lives in a five-star residential complex, Mohan Joshi plays Mohanlal – a filmstar and Mohan Agashe plays an elderly who is abandoned by his son.  Assisting them is a peon Shankar (Dushyant Wagh) and Nana (Jayant).

The two central characters of the story, Dhurandhar and Bhatawdekar who are complete opposites of one another, end up being room-mates in a provision that is managed by Mrs. Damle. The 55 year old lady is very attractive and graceful as a result of which a romantic triangle develops between her and the two men. Creating a plot that is funny, lively and full of amazing antics, the movie also highlights a few relevant issues regarding senior citizens in a comical light. The duo falls for Pushpa Damle, with both trying to outdo each other. Mohan Agashe is convincing as a peppy senior citizen, often giving advice to youngsters. Mohan Joshi comfortably slides into his role of a filmstar, with his experience being the saving grace in many scenes. The plot also has a young romance brewing between Mrs. Damle’s daughter and her fiance from college and another sizzling affair of Dr.Patkar and gym trainer Fiona Gonsalves.

The first half has many scenes which are unrelated to the overall plot of the film, with simple fade in and fade outs being used. The second half is where the story kicks in, with the inter-personal relationships on the fore-front. The acting could have been much better, barring Agashe and Joshi.

Director Kshitij Zarapkar has tried to embed too many characters in the film, which turned out to be the drawback of the film. Overall Dhurandhar Bhatawdekar succeeds due to commendable performances from Agashe and Joshi, both driving homes with the humorous factor in this light-hearted film. 

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