A refreshing new love story on a cup of coffee

Coffee has contributed a lot in our lives these days, whether it is with our friends and with someone special. Just a sip takes us to… can say getting connected to your special someone. Young director Prakash Kunte with his newly released film Coffee Ani Barach Kahi has learned the art of connecting strings on a cup of coffee.

The film represents the love story of this generation, about how we meet a person who is totally different than us? How we feel about that person? And if we like their company how would we convey it to them? It sounds familiar right? Yes, this film is based on same tags Meet, React and Confess, our day to day life.

Jaai – Prarthana Behere is working for a company where Nishad – Vaibhav Tatwawadi is working as a project manager. Both meet, become friends then realize that there is something more to them but friendship. Confusion time – both are confused about how they would convey their feeling to the other. So, Nishad invites Jai for a coffee and decides to ask her out. Kahani mai twist – before meeting up with Nishaad, Jaai gets to know that her father had already invited his friend along with his son – Bhushan Pradhan to see her for marriage. What happens next? How would Nishad convey his feelings to Jai and what would Jai say when she meets the boy who come to see her? To know more, we would definitely have to watch this movie.

A unique love story Coffee Ani Barach Kahi, well directed by young Prakash Kunte who is also the producer of this film has that connection with today’s generations, who understands the feelings of youth and also the teachings of our elders.

Music by Late Shri. Gajanan Vatwe and Aditya Bedekar is an added emotion to this lovestory.

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