Janiva – A Fight Against Injustice

India is a democratic country and everyone has the right to express their thoughts. ‘Janiva’ is a film of realisation about the injustice happening around us and taking a step against it to bring about the required change. The film is based upon a true life incident of a KEM hospital nurse, ‘Aruna Shanbaug’ who was raped brutally by a ward boy and was bed ridden for 42 long years.  The film showcases how a young and sensitive boy who fulfils the wish of this victim of Mercy Killing and terminates the culprit who ruined her life.

Janiva, is a story of this young and sensitive boy – Sameer Deshpande played by Satya Manjrekar who believes in helping others. Sameer cannot wit stand injustice and has the courage to raise voice against it. He believes in the saying ‘Action speaks louder than words ‘and thus decides to give justice to this rape victim. This one incident brings a new turn and changes his entire life. What happens when Sameer fights for Justice? Justice or Injustice what is in his fate? To get answers to these questions, we will have to watch this inspirational film. The movie also stars Renuka Shahane and Kishor Kadam who portrays two very strong characters in the film, where one fights for the system and one against it.

If such characters existed in real-time scenario, maybe we can think of getting justice to such crimes. Wonderful performances given by Satya Manjrekar, Renuka Shahane, Kishore Kadam, Anuradha Mukherjee and the entire star cast of the movie, which made this movie memorable.

Amazingly scripted and aptly executed Janiva is a film that motivates and inspires you to take a stand for what is right. Dialogues are again the plus-point of the movie. The movie’s plot, story and screenplay were well thought and shot, wonderfully by the director Rajesh Ranshinge. The film produced by Milind Vishnu, Arvind Kumar, Reshama Vishnu and Srman Jain and will hit the theaters on 31st July 2015.

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