Nilkanth Master – The untold story of freedom fighters

‘Nilkanth Master’ is a film directed by Gajendra Ahire that reels the events lending up the Love, Struggle, Sacrifice and fight for the Motherland by the freedom fighters in the pre – independence period. The cast of this epic saga includes Omkar Govardhan, Pooja Sawant, Neha Mahajan, Adinath Kothare, Vikram Gokhale and Kishore Kadam in the lead. Pre independence period of India and the glorious struggle for national liberation forms one of the greatest chapters of Indian history that has been crafted beautifully in the film.

The film is a perfect blend of freedom struggle and the glory of self-sacrifice for love. The film revolves around the life of freedom fighters set out on a mission of Freedom Movement. ‘Vyankatesh’ – ‘Adinath Kothare’, a young freedom fighter is on a freedom movement. He also desires to get married to ‘Yashoda’ – ‘Neha Mahajan’. But, before getting married to ‘Yashoda’, ‘Vyankatesh’ is on a spree to complete a mission for the Freedom Movement. The story also showcases, a youth from Mumbai, ‘Vishwanath’ – ‘Omkar Gowardhan’, who is learning advocacy and has deep love for the Motherland is also keen to take part in the Freedom Movement and ‘Indu’ – ‘Pooja Sawant’, who is desperate to find love. The beauty of the plot and every character blooms slowly and gradually in the film, showcasing the courage of extraordinary folk, fighting for their love. The character roles of every actor in this film are crafted with perfection. Senior actors ‘Vikram Gokhale’ and ‘Kishore Kadam’ are just the best fit in their characters as Inamdaar and Police Officer respectively.

The music by Ajay – Atul hops nimbly between yearning and rousing in some sequences are memorable. Driven by the dream of Independence, don’t forget to watch the untold story of the freedom fighters – ‘Nilkanth Master’ in the theatres near you.

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