Panhala – A Must Watch

The well known Marathi film and Television actor Nagesh Bhosales’ directoral venture “Panhala” recently hit the silver screens. The beautiful scenery is captured in a perfect angle by debut cinematographer, Amarendra Bhosale in Panhala. The film experiences the past and present in one of an enchanting and peaceful fort in Maharashtra, the fort of Panhala.

There is a very interesting story related to this fort. Panhala is a story revolving around 2 couples in the film. Photographer Ajay – Makrand Deshpande along with his wife Sneha – Samidha Guru are visiting the fort.  While on this tour, an unexpected accident takes place and Ajay and his wife Sneha bump into another couple Swastik – Sangram Salvi and Madhavi – Amruta Sant a newly married couple. The lives of these four characters in the film are now entangled with each other.  During the period of time they also meet a tourist guide in the fort, Balkrishna – Nagesh Bhosale is a guide who enjoys touring the visitors around the fort and telling them historic tales that are significant to Panhala and Indian culture.

Through an unexpected change in the events, Balkrishna along with Ajay, Sneha, Swastik and Madhavi embark on a life changing journey in the fort, which showcases the dark and depressed side of the modern society. The proceeding then forms the rest of the story, and leaves the viewers with an interesting thought.

Panhala, teaches us that making peace with the history can lead us to a better future. The film will take you on a journey into the history of Maharashtra with Balkrishna the Guide and Panhala’s Pride.

The film is a must watch with your family and friends to experience the past of this fort with a twist of the story revolving in the present.

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