Shivaji Maharaj Powada mp3 Marathi

In 17th Century in India genre of Marathi Poetry call “Powada”. Shivaji Maharaj Powada is a made with powerful words poerty to inspire the people to encourage the people to work hard on their goal. Marathi Powada is sing by the Shahirs.What is Powada in Details ?  To know About Chatapati Shivaji Maharaj click here to get all the details of Shivaji Maharaj. Our Visitor requests us to update Shivaji Maharaj Powada on our So below given Shivaji Maharaj Powada mp3 Marathi downloading link as well as we are providing our visitor online Video of Powada.

Shivaji Maharaj Powada mp3 Marathi

Shivaji Maharaj Powada mp3 Marathi:

NoPowada NameDownload Link
1Gad Ala, Pan Sinha Gela PowadaDownload
2Chatrapati Shivaji Maharajacha JaylmyaDownload
3Shahiste Khanavar Hala Powada Part 1Download
4Shahiste Khanavar Hala Powada Part 2Download
5Afzal Khan Vadh Part 1Download
6Afzal Khan Vadh Part 2Download

Shivaji Maharaj Powada Video:

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